Julie-Anne Smith

Psychoanalysis (MA); Media & Communications (MA); BA; Dip.Ed. Counselling with Couple Specialisation (M.A)

I work with couples, adults, adolescents and children.

At times, we may find ourselves asking questions about life, love and relationships, which may also challenge our sense of who we are, our identity.

By listening to your experiences, and as you speak of your perceptions and aspirations, we offer support, a kind of working-through, to address the various difficulties that have been encountered in your life.

In session, we create a space for you to explore what is possible in life, for you, so that you can pursue your curiosities and wishes further, and in accordance with your own unique desires.

Areas of specialisation

Psychoanalysis and counselling.

Counselling with Couples Specialisation (M.A)

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