Kerryn Montgomery-Marks

BSocSc (Counselling) GradCert Narrative Therapy PACFA Registered

I am deeply curious about stories. The stories we are told from birth about who we are and what we are capable of. The stories we tell ourselves.

I work largely from a Narrative Therapy perspective and seek to deconstruct long-held views of self, teasing out and challenging old and unhealthy beliefs and identifying alternative stories that reflect a more accurate and healthier view of self.

I believe that my clients can embrace being the experts in their own lives, that they know themselves well, but perhaps have not had the opportunity to explore events in their lives and the meanings they have placed on those experiences. I am interested in the life journey so far, teasing out long held patterns of being, and collaboratively developing a deeper and broader view of self.

I act as a facilitator and a collaborative partner with the aim of helping clients tell their stories, gain clarity, find their voice, grow and heal. The sessions can be intense but they can also be light-hearted and are always supportive.

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