Woody Balfour

Advanced clinical training in Relational Gestalt Psychotherapy. PACFA accredited.
Telehealth available
Wednesday afternoon and evening

I am a PACFA registered Gestalt psychotherapist with over ten years experience working in social services, including severe homelessness, drug and alcohol, people seeking asylum, and mental health crisis support/suicide prevention.  In many cases, this has involved supporting people impacted by trauma, particularly early childhood and developmental trauma, sexual assault, and family violence.

I also provide support for those who are feeling stuck and wanting to find meaning or change to their current life situation, going through life transitions, or having difficulty connecting to themselves or navigating relational challenges with people in their lives.

My training in Gestalt therapy, informed by trauma sensitivity and attachment theory guides me to prioritize safety and human experiences in relationship. With a strong practice prioritising nervous system regulation and somatic trauma therapy approaches, I work towards creating greater tolerance toward uncomfortable sensations that arise out of difficult experiences. My therapeutic values prioritise patience, respect, and collaboration which support the emergence of safety, presence and connection.

As a therapist, I understand the need for warmth and acceptance. This is the foundation of a therapeutic relationship where people can show up with aspects of themselves that are problematic and unhelpful without judgement. I can relate to very human uncomfortable and undesirable behaviours, feelings and beliefs about ourselves. Through consistent support, compassion and curiosity, positive change becomes possible.

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