MPsych (Ed&Dev), BSc (Psychology)(Hons), AHPRA Registered Psychologist

What does Chris do?

Chris focuses on building a space where a client feels safe, understood and empowered to work towards their life goals. Chris is passionate about creating client-centered, working relationships using values of authenticity, acceptance, and openness. 


Chris has worked with adolescents (16+) and adults across a broad range of mental health issues. However, has developed experience and skill in working with identity issues, drug, and alcohol, Depression, Anxiety, Stress and relationship difficulties. 


Chris has expertise and experience working specifically with artists and creatives (including actors, musicians), sexual diversity (including lesbian, gay, queer, bisexual and asexual clients) and gender diversity (including trans, intersex, and non-binary clients). 


Previously Chris has worked in the Arts and brings an understanding of this industry to clients who work in the Arts. Chris has completed specialised training in supporting clients of sexuality and gender diversity and is a member of the Australian Professional Association for Transgender Health (AusPATH).

Fees: $180 per 50 min session. Discount available for MEAA members, trans and gender diverse clients. Medicare and Private Health Fund rebates available. 


When is Chris available?

Tuesday afternoon and evening.


How do I contact Chris?


M. Gestalt Therapy B.A (Hons) LLL.B (Hons)
Gestalt Psycotherapist

What does Craig do?

My central aim is to promote self-awareness and choice, as I believe that this is what enables us to live meaningful and dignified lives. And to enable self-awareness – including all those parts of us that we’ve learned to hide or forget about – my goal is to create a responsive, safe, compassionate and collaborative space.

Areas of  specialisation:
Adults who are in life transition, isolated, in grief, or who are grappling with identity or sexuality issues.

Fees: $85 per hour; some concessional spaces available.

No Medicare rebate available



When is Craig available?

Wednesday afternoon and evening

Other times may be available by appointment


How do I Craig?

0469 905 188


Bachelor Health Science/Bachelor Applied Science (Chinese Medicine) - RMIT
AHPRA registered Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner

What does Yana do?

I am an AHPRA registered Acupuncturist & Chinese Medicine Practitioner with experience in women's health, mental & emotional health, life transitions, and general practice. I also have experience working with people who prefer needle-free treatment. As a practitioner, I am respectful, professional, caring, and am LGBQTIA friendly.


I aim to enable people to return to a state of balance and achieve positive health outcomes through acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and dietary/lifestyle shifts. I have an integrative and holistic approach and consider how a health issue is showing up in the broader context of your overall health and life. I am happy to work as part of your existing healthcare team or help you create one if needed.  



Initial appointment $120 (75mins)

Subsequent appointments $100 (50mins)

Private health fund rebates are available. 


When is Yana available?



How do I contact Yana?

0459 559 694



MA Gestalt Therapy, Advanced Clinical Training in Relational Gestalt Psychotherapy,
Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with International Coach Federation, Brain Based
Coaching (NeuroLeadership Institute), BA Social Science (Psychology)

What does Susan do?

Susan is a Gestalt Psychotherapist and Executive Coach. Her practice combines long term therapeutic work, short to medium term solution-focussed personal coaching, and Executive and Team Coaching within the Corporate and Not for Profit sectors.

For over 20 years Susan has held senior strategic HR and Organisational Development roles across multiple sectors including telecommunications, banking and finance, manufacturing, not-for-profit and professional services. Combined with her therapeutic and coaching experience, this positions Susan well to support people wrestling with challenges of work and life, resilience, transitions, questions of personal impact and how to create a life that is rich with purpose and meaning.

Susan approach is strengths-based and she relates with calm presence, compassion and humour to build a deep level of trust and partnership. She is interested in supporting people to gain a deep understanding of their experiences and needs, and develop
awareness of entrenched beliefs and patterns and how these shape our ways of being in the world. With compassion and support, new choices become available and along with the possibility of more fulfilling ways of experiencing life.


When is Susan available?

Every Monday.
Other days may be possible by arrangement.


How do I contact Susan?



BTheol, BA (Psych), GradDipCouns, AdvDipGestaltTherapy
Gestalt Psycotherapist

What does Tony do?

I am a gestalt psychotherapist. I work with individuals, couples and groups.  I'm very interested in the ways our sense of self and wellbeing are impacted by the immediate relational context of our lives and the deeper fields of experience: gender; sexuality; family; culture; social worlds, career, health etc.  By exploring relational patterns in this way, clients are supported to develop their self-awareness and access be spontaneous and flexible in their day to day lives.  Developing insight and awareness can support better relationships and more fulfilled lives.


As a therapist, I am engaged, warm, compassionate and non-pathologizing.  My first impulse is to understand how our lives (and even our symptoms of distress) make sense.

When is Tony available?

Monday to Friday


How do I contact Tony?

0432 321 353 



Clinical Neuropsychologist and Nutritionist 

B.Sc (Hons) D.psy (Clin Neuro) M.Hum.Nut


What does Joanne do?

With core values of empathy and compassion, Joanne provides a safe and non-judgemental space for clients to work through and overcome their personal challenges. Working collaboratively with clients, Joanne uses the current neuroscience to guide evidence-based approaches, tailored to the client's personal challenges, needs and preferences.  

Joanne has a passion for working with people who experience persistent/chronic pain, functional gut challenges (IBS), anxiety and chronic stress.  In a collaborative approach, Joanne helps clients retrain and re-regulate their brain/body systems, build resilience towards life's stressors, implement strategies to optimise brain function and mental health, and improve overall wellbeing.

Key approaches include: Mindfulness integrated Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Vipassana Meditation, Gut-directed hypnotherapy, contemporary pain neuroscience education/coaching, Nutritional Education and guidance in the context of Mental Health and wellbeing. 


When is Joanne available?



How do I contact Joanne?

0414 774 893



Advanced Clinical Training in Contemporary Gestalt Therapy (The Relational Institute Australia, Sydney), MA (Psychology), PhD (Psychology)


What does Karolina do?

I am a Gestalt psychotherapist and a psychologist with 25 years of experience in the field of mental health. My work is based on respectful exploration of client’s experience in the here and now, including our ongoing psychotherapy relationship. We look together at patterns of emotional reactions and behaviours, new (yet) unfamiliar ways of being oneself and being with others, and possibilities for change and growth. 

My interest in Gestalt psychotherapy reflects my passion for a deeper understanding of psychological and emotional well-being and satisfactory human relationships. I believe in the importance of commitment to psychotherapy and the work we do together. 

I am interested in working with a wide range of issues, including emotional well-being, anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, bereavement, suicidality, relational difficulties, identity, and self-esteem.

Fees: $110 -$120 per hour.


No Medicare rebate available.


When is Karolina available?

Saturday (all day).


How do I contact Karolina?

0435 915060




Bachelor Social Work (Hons)

Accredited Mental Health Social Worker (Clinical Social Work)

GradDip Counselling

Advanced Dip Relational Gestalt Psychotherapy

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) ™®


What does Kerry do?

I have a strong belief in our body and nervous system capacity to heal and recover from harsh experiences and their aftermath which can manifest in anxiety, panic attacks, depression and other mental and physical health symptoms. I place great value in the capacity of the counselling relationship itself, as foundational in order to assist people to reconnect with both their own internal resources and to continue to grow their own capacity to utilise resources available in their wider social environment. I take a collaborative approach in negotiating the way our work proceeds and in responding to the hopes inherent in seeking counselling. 


I have a particular interest, as well as experience and specialist training in working with developmental trauma, sexual assault trauma and shock trauma which incorporates an orientation towards working with the body’s nervous system response to unresolved trauma and our inherent capacity to slowly recover given the right conditions and support. 


I also have extensive experience and a strong commitment to working with people who have experienced family violence either as children who witness their parents’ violence or those who have experienced violence themselves as adults in family or intimate relationships. I have an interest in attachment theory and the way early attachment can shape everyday relationship experiences in adult life but also the ways in which strict societal gender roles can constrain and impact us all.


My background has been in the area of family violence, community health counselling and private practice for the past 20 years alongside a lifetime love of learning in relation to human psychology and our capacity for resourceful adaptation.


When is Kerry available?

Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Including after hours appointments

(On-line sessions available via Zoom during the current crisis)


How do I contact Kerry?

Phone: 9489 1741





Gestalt Psychotherapy (MA)

Advanced certificates in yoga and trauma sensitive yoga

What does Micki do?

I am a Gestalt psychotherapist and trauma sensitive yoga teacher.  I incorporate relational psychotherapy, mindfulness and other creative approaches designed to facilitate personal growth and life balance.  My approach holds at its core a warm, gentle, empathic and non-judgemental approach and is both supportive and challenging as needed.


I work with a wide range of issues including trauma, anxiety, depression, emotional well-being, loss and grief, suicidality and relational difficulties.

From the safety of the therapeutic relationship you will gain more understanding of how you relate to the important people in your life and the world in general. Here you will have the opportunity to recognise and practise thinking, feeling and relating in new and positive ways.


Gestalt therapy will help you better understand yourself and how the choices you make affect your health and relationships. With this self-awareness you will begin to understand how your emotional and physical selves are connected, and develop the confidence to start living a richer, fuller and more meaningful life.


Zoom sessions available on request.


Fees: $85 per hour

When is Micki available?

Saturday – Wednesday .


How do I contact Micki?
0468 523 909



Advanced Clinical Training in Relational Gestalt Psychotherapy (Gestalt Therapy Australia), BSSc (Psychology), MA (Bioethics), PhD (Psychology).

Gestalt psychotherapist.

What does Rhys do?


We all have parts of ourselves that feel messy, wrong, or unacceptable. It tends to be these parts that lead us to therapy. Rather than help you to overcome or escape any aspects of yourself, my aim is to encourage you to be present to your life as it actually is. It is through deepening your relationship with yourself and others that lasting growth and change can emerge. I enjoy working with people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, genders, sexualities, ages, and abilities.              

Fees: $110 per hour.


No Medicare rebate available.


When is Rhys available?



How do I contact Rhys?

0417 212 110




BSc; Accredited Mental Health Social Worker; Master of Social Work; Adv. Cert. Relational Gestalt Counselling.


What does Paco do?

I am a Clinical Social Worker and a counsellor trained in Gestalt and psychodynamic approaches. I have experience working in mental health services, substance dependence and forensic settings and work with people with a variety of difficulties and concerns including: depression, anxiety, panic attacks, trauma, complex emotional processes, sexuality and identity. 

My work is challenging and yet deeply satisfying. I am passionate about exploring and understanding people's psychological distress and helping them to gain a deeper understanding of how their life-long patterns of thinking influence their lives, develop their intimate relationships and experience their sense of self. My approach assists people grappling with emotional difficulties and with complex personal relationships to facilitate a more meaningful life. I also provide a culturally safe space for LGBTIQ+ people.

I am currently working in private practice and community mental health settings and also offer counselling in Spanish and Catalan.


Medicare rebates available.

When is Paco available?

Mondays & Wednesday evenings

Other days may be possible by arrangement.

How do I contact Paco?




BSc, PostGradDipPsych, Dip (FamTher), GradDipSoc (GestTher), ClinM, AAFT, ClinM.GANZ, AHPRA (Psychologist)

What does Fred do?

Fred is a psychologist and psychotherapist with an extensive background in child, adolescent and family psychiatry.  His clinical skills are well honed around processes of attachment and development, trauma, mental health and addiction.

His approach to counselling and therapy is based on engaging and sitting alongside his clients in support of their personal growth and a more personally satisfying life-style. His interests centre around all matters which have a bearing on our emotional, social and mental well-being. In his private practice, Fred now more commonly works with individual adults, and with couples whom are interested in working through and strengthening the bonds between them both as partners and as parents. He is  deeply committed to his craft and considers it a privilege to bear witness to his clients experience of life. His session fees are rebatable through Medicare and Private Health Funds.


When is Fred available?

Weekdays – afternoons and evenings.
Saturday – mornings to afternoon


How do I contact Fred?

0418 321 141




AHPRA Registered Psychologist

MProfPsych, BPsySc (Hons), MAAPi, MAPS

What does Melissa do?

Melissa is a psychologist who works with adolescents, adults, older adults and couples from all walks of life. Her goals are: to provide a safe, grounding, accepting and enjoyable space to connect authentically with clients; to support them to gain insight and understanding into internal and external barriers to growth and movement; to uncover their hopes for future; provide tools for continued self-development; and empower clients to take steps towards change and growth. 

Melissa has interests and experience supporting clients with a range of problems including those relating to relationships, family of origin, parenting, life stages/transitions, assertiveness and communication, work, personal development, adjustment, depression, anxiety, stress, panic, and grief and loss.

Melissa uses an integrative counselling approach tailored to the individual or couple, drawing from interventions including: Narrative Therapy, Systems Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Interpersonal Therapy (IPT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness-Based Therapy, Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, couple therapy, couple assessment and skill-development, and non-directive pregnancy counselling.


For more information head to

Medicare and Private Health Fund rebates are available. 


When is Melissa available?

Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Day and evening appointments available


How do I contact Melissa?

P: 0490 744 262            F: 03 9957 8127

Post: PO Box 8032, Brunswick East VIC 3057




Master of Social Work (Clinical), Advanced Certificate Relational Gestalt Counselling. Accredited Mental Health Social Worker; Member of Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW).

What does Nelly do?

Providing counselling and psychotherapy to individuals and couples, age 16+. Inclusive practice welcoming LGBTQIA clients and people of all races, religions, genders and sexual orientations, as well as non-traditional relationship structures.


Specialties include: relationship issues (for individuals and couples); self-criticism/developing self-compassion; depression, anxiety, and other diagnosed mental health issues; substance use and other addictions; major life transitions; grief and loss; existential exploration (feeling “stuck” or “lost”); and general personal exploration/growth. 


As a therapist, Nelly is warm and authentic; she brings her curiosity, care, and humour to the room, and is both supportive and challenging as needed.

Fees: $140 for individual sessions, $160 for couples sessions (standard sessions 50 mins; double sessions negotiated on request).


Medicare rebates available for individual sessions.


Skype/phone sessions also available on request.


When is Nelly available?

Monday - Friday


How do I contact Nelly?

0473 954 392


BA (Arts) (Hons), MPsych (Clinical), MAPS, FCCLP

Clinical Psychologist

What does Chris do?

I am an experienced clinical psychologist with a special interest in helping people overcome anxiety disorders of all types.  I am dedicated to providing high quality psychological care with a focus on adults experiencing anxiety problems.  I am a warm, caring, and dedicated professional with a down-to-earth and friendly style. I aim to create a safe, non-judgmental space where you are listened to and treated with respect. I keep up to date with the latest advancements in mental health and therapy and use approaches that have been tried and tested through scientific research.

I have over ten years of experience in treating psychological problems in a range of settings including private practice, public mental health, and universities. I am also currently completing a PhD at the University of Melbourne with a focus on advancing the field of anxiety treatment.


Skype/phone sessions also available on request.


When is Chris available?



How do I contact Chris?

(03) 9108 7236

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